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At #TicTacRoadshow you can get more than fun! 

Join us, participate to the Shake & Share Promo contest and you could Win an IPhone 6! Check how to Win it @https://tictacnigeria.apps.gloryone.pl/pdf/TicTacPromoRoadshow-Regulations.pdf ! We are waiting for you!

Read Article 4 Below.......

The company organizing the promotion is FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. and will henceforth be 
addressed as “the Company”. The Tic Tac “Shake & Share promotion” (henceforth be addressed as 
“the Promotion”) provides an online promo called “Shake & Share” (henceforth the “Promo”).
The validity of the Promotion Period goes from October 13th, 2014 at 9.00.00 Nigeria Local Time, to 
November 21th 2014 at 23.59.59 Nigeria Local Time (the “Promotion Period”). 
The Promotion is open to any participant (henceforth addressed as the Participant), who: 
a) Is residing in Nigeria during the whole Promotion Period.
b) is aged 18 or over
c) has access to internet, a Facebook account and a valid email address
c) Has registered and participated to the Promo before November 21th 2014 at 23.59.59
Nigeria local time
Employees of the Company and its distributors, as well as anyone involved with the Promotion, are 
exempt from inclusion into the Promotion.
To access the online Promotion and participate, during the Promotion Period the Participant must:
a) Visit the Shake & Share Roadshow event. The Calendar of the Roadshow is available on 
b) Take a Picture on the Tic Tac Branded Wall 
c) Accept this Promo Regulation (a copy of which is provided at the Venue; Promo 
Regulation are also available at
d) Provide his/her email address to receive the picture;
e) Follow the instruction of the Company staff to register;
Each Participant can only enter once and win one prize. 
The Picture shall:
1) represent the Participant only or if the picture represents other people, the participant shall 
make sure to have their consent and warrants that he / she is fully authorized and entitled to 
use the picture;

2) clearly show the Tic Tac Wall set on the Shake & Share Roadshow event
The Promoter is entitled, at its option, to publish the picture on the website 
www.facebook,com/tictacnigeria; the Promoters is also entitled, at its option, to pre-screen and/or 
moderate any content or picture and reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove or delete, 
suspend or disable access to any picture at any time without liability or prior notice.
Some, but not all, examples situations that will involve automatic rejection of images are: 
- The picture is of a bad resolution quality, unclear or either too dim or too bright; 
- The picture is sourced from a montage; - The picture is vulgar and/or violent;
- The picture is in violation of any law or regulation;
- The picture is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading;
- The picture is in violation of other people’s privacy;
- The picture is in violation of any intellectual property right of another person;
- The picture is abusive, defamatory, obscene or contains sexual acts;
- The picture is against religious values and beliefs; 
- The picture includes any form of branding or can be considered free publicity for other products or 
- The picture is otherwise inappropriate.
To be able to participate at the Promotion the Participant must have: 
- access to the internet, a Facebook account and a valid and active email account
The Participants who comply regularly with the Promotion Principles (Art 3 & 4) are elected to 
participate to the Final promotion draw.
The draw will be taken through an automatic computer system within 10 working days from the 
promo ending. 
The Prize is an Apple IPhone 6 4.7 Inch Display – 16Gb – Gold color 
Number of Primary Prize to win : Three (3).
After having selected and included all the valid participants (art 3 & 4) to the Promo into the 
“automatic Poll”, the informatics system will proceed with the draw.
The 3 participants that will be drawn will be elected winners of the Promo. 
a) The Company will contact the Winner by sending a notification email at the email address 
registered in the account details, to inform him/her has won the Prize. The Winner must reply by 
email within 30 working days after the receipt of the notification declaring expressly in writing that 
he/she accepts to receive the Prize. If the Winner rejects the Prize or he/she fails to accept the 
Prize in writing within 30 working days, the he/she will no longer be able to claim the Prize.
In the unlike event, the Company is entitled to proceed with an exceptional draw to assign the 
The Company will also publish the Winners’ name on the https://www.facebook.com/tictacnigeria
With regard to the issues listed below, the Participant cannot claim any form of compensation from 
The Company for:
a) Issues related to the website access
b) Technical issue with the Promo
c) Issues related to the internet provider
d) Delay in data transmission
e) Participant’s computer failure
f) issues related to Participant’s Facebook accountIn no case can the Company be held liable for any harm, damage, economic loss or physical injury 
suffered by any of the winners Winner or by any third party that may arise from the use or misuse of 
ant of the Prizes or from a Prize failure, defect or hazard or inadequate instructions or warnings 
regarding any hazard arising from or associated with the use or misuse of the Prizes.
By checking the authorization field required for every picture uploaded, the Participant relinquishes 
to the Company any and all rights to the picture (copyright, publication, trade rights, etc.) and 
consequently agrees to allow the Company use of every element of the picture for any purpose, in 
any media, the picture can be totally or partially used in any way the Company deems necessary. 
The Participant acknowledges that the Company owns the rights on the same picture and 
undertakes not to use it in any way which could be detrimental to the Company.
This usage right is valid for a period of two years starting from the time of the initial date of the 
Promotion and is a applicable worldwide, for every form of existing or impeding advertising support 
that includes, but is not constrained to television, cinema, the internet, billboards, leaflets, 
magazines, etc.. 
This authorization is done for free for the Company and any form of compensation may not be 
requested by the Participant in the future. 
The Participant declares to be the author and owner all rights and title on the picture, including the 
right to grant use of said picture to the Company and guarantees that he/she has not given the 
exclusive rights on the image to any other company. If this is found to be the case, no compensation 
may be requested by the Participant or any other company to the Company. 
The Participant releases the Company from any claims or rights that may arise regarding the use of 
third party’s image and the relevant picture, including any claims of defamation and invasion of 
privacy as well as infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity or copyright.
By entering this Promotion, the Participant agrees to allow the Company to use personal information
provided at registration for the purpose of managing the Promotion in accordance with the 
Regulation. Should the Participant provide consent, the Company may retain personal information 
beyond the Promotional Period and may contact the Participant about future offers and promotions. 
The Participant is in any event able to unsubscribe from this communication at any time by following 
the unsubscribe link included on the emails at which point the personal information will no longer be 
retained. Any personal data will be used in accordance with current data protection legislation and 
will not be disclosed to any 3rd party without prior consent. 
To participate, the Participants confirm that the personal information communicated is true and that 
the Participant will be fair regarding the Promotion and its rules.
Participation is strictly personal and, as a result, the Participant cannot:
a) Create, register and/or hold more than one account by using more than one nickname 
and/or Facebook account
b) Create and/or hold an account for another person or party
c) Provide a false identity based on fictitious information or steal the identity and/or
information of another person.
If any of the aforementioned rules are found to have been broken, the Company will not hesitate in 
taking legal action.In addition, the Company will not tolerate any misrepresentation or falsification of identity, no matter
the method used as well as any attempt to hijack the contest rules and disrupt the smooth running of 
the Promotion.
Similarly, the Company will not tolerate any Participant who has used unfair practices including, but 
not limited to: script, software, food, disposable email addresses or any other method to automate 
participation or more generally to divert the present law to increase his/her chances of winning by 
At any time and without liability being incurred, the Company reserves the right to impose any 
sanction it deems appropriate to preserve the equality of Participants and, in particular, expel 
Participants or any entrant who attempted to use any method of fraud, as well as disqualify the 
compensation he/she could possibly win.
The Company may also, at any time and without prior notice, amend these Regulations and / or 
decide to cancel all or part of the Promotion.
Any and all sanctions imposed by the Company are final.
The Participant authorizes every form of verification linked to his/her identity and information.
If the information provided is untrue, incorrect or incomplete, the Participant will automatically be 
disqualified from the Promotion.
The Promotion’s rules cannot be interpreted freely, especially regarding the mechanism and 
modality of the Promotion.
Participating in the Promotion involves the complete acceptance, without any reservation, of the 
rules of the Promotion as well as the rules of the Internet and all other applicable rules.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. 
The Participant is providing information to the Company and not to Facebook. By entering the 
Promotion, all Participants agree to a complete liability release for Facebook.
The winners will be invited to redeem the Prize in an official context the 19th December 2014 at the 
following address:

1 Dosu Ogundele Street, Micom Estate, Lagos, Nigeria

Contest Ends on 21st November, 2014.


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