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The stakes are now very much higher for winners in the lucky 150 promo. We are excited to announce that the winner at every round of the Lucky 150 promotions will win a free all expenses paid fun trip to Dubai.
Yes! It's a big one, but there's more. Other prizes to be given out include Samsung Galaxy Notebooks and smart phones and you could be a winner!
How The Winners Are Chosen
Guaranteed Winner 1 (Entry 150)
The first winner shall be the person who has the entry number 150 for each round of the promotion. This is the lucky 150 winner. This winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Notebook.
The Lucky Draw Star Winner
A draw will be held at the end of each round and a star winner will be picked. The star winner shall win the star prize of an All Expense Paid Fun Trip to Dubai. This shall include visa, return ticket, 4 star hotel accomodation and Dubai City tour.
The Lucky Draw Co-Winners
During the draw at the end of each round of promotion, additional winners will emerge to receive branded high performance Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones.
In relevant cases, winners may opt for cash credit to their InstaForex accounts in lieu of the prize.
Rules Of The Lucky 150 Promotion

  • Your InstaForex Account must be enrolled in the InstaFxNg Loyalty Program and Rewards (ILPR) Click Here To Open a qualifying ILPR enrolled account now! .

  • Each individual funding of $500 or more to your InstaForex Account through this websiteautomatically gives you an entry into the promotion.

  • You can make as many entries as you want to improve your chances of winning.

  • You may only make a withdrawal of any profit made and not the initial funds during the course of the round of the promotion in which you have an entry. Withdrawing part or all of the initial funding that got you an entry during the course of a round of the Lucky 150 promotion disqualifies your entry.

  • All staff, stakeholders of InstaForex Nigeria and their family are disqualified from taking part in this promotion.

When Will Draws Hold?
A draw will hold in the first week of every month during the Traders Forum provided that a Lucky Entry 150 winner has emerged for that round of the promotion. The star winner and the co winners will emerge from the draw. Everyone with an entry will be invited to attend the draw.
If the number of entries has reached 300 before the draw date, there shall be 2 Lucky 150 winners ( entry number 150 and entry number 300). The other winners will emerge through the draws.
Presentation Of Prizes
The draws shall be covered and broadcasted on this page. The winners will be contacted and the presentation will be broadcasted too.
A New Round Begins Immediately After The Winners Are Announced For Each Round.
What Are You Waiting For? Join InstaForex Lucky 150 Promotion Now. E Fit Be You.

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