by December 15, 2014 2 comments
This season - Make a wish for someone special and it can Happen.
Could be for a family member, a neighbor, etc ...anybody at all. 
PTV Santa will grant the wishes of several lucky persons ! Wish now and Let PTV Santa know !!

How to make the Wish?
Search through our website to confirm that we sell product you want to wish.
Make the wish on our Facebook page with #ptvphones at the end and share the wish on your timeline. That's all! 
Guide - "I am making a wish for (tell us who and what) . (tell us why). #ptvphones".
Example "I am making a wish for a Tecno P6 for my brother, Gabriel. For all his support when I was in school. Gracias. #ptvphones."
You also have to like our page to have a chance for Santa to honour your wish.