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Nigeria's N0. 1 Blogger, Linda Ikeji has Introduced a programme tagged "Id Rather be Self-Made" to help Young Girls. Here is her Blog Post Below...

 In 2013, I told y'all that I'm going to start something called 'I'd Rather Be Self-made'... where I will personally mentor young girls with dreams and aspirations and help some of them start up small scale businesses. I've been procrastinating for over a year & a half and now I am finally ready to do this.

'I'd Rather Be Self-made' is not a foundation, or an organization (I can't handle that - blogging takes too much of my time), it's just me and some young ladies meeting whenever we can, inspire each other, exchange business ideas, and if I feel someone has a great business idea and it's not going to cost too much to start the business, I will personally finance it. Not as a loan, it's 100% to the person. 

I'm looking at N250k to N1million per person, depending on how great the business idea is. If you need less, you will get the money faster...:-). I'll also use LIB to promote your businesses. All I want in return is for you to work hard, make a success of your business and pay it forward...i.e help others. And if you ever see me on the street after you make it, you can say hello or give me a hug...:-)

What prompted me to think of doing this is my own story and the lifestyle of some young girls. It's quite unfortunate and sad. I went to University of Lagos, I was once a model and a model manager, so I have seen some things girls do for money and it breaks my heart. Some, if I told you, you will never believe. And now that I can afford to help a few girls, I am willing to help with my own money. The aim of 'I'd Rather Be Self-made' is to reduce 'Aristorism' by at least 1%...:-).
So I'm putting aside N10million for this - to start with - and release more money if everything goes well.

If you're between 18 and 26, female (sorry guys - want to concentrate on the women for now), you are looking for inspiration, you want to start a business and need financing or already have a business but need more money to expand, or you just need business advice, then come and let's do this.

Obviously, I can't help everyone. It's not possible. But I will help as many young women as I can - this is something I plan to do for as long as I can - so hopefully, many of you will benefit.

I'm interested in girls who have vowed not to sell their bodies to make it in life (because you really don't. All that 'I don't have a choice' is BS. Trust me, I've tasted poverty like some of you will never know and I never did). I'm also interested in girls who are living that lifestyle right now but would rather not, and want out desperately.  

You're going to personally meet with me and other inspiring Nigerian women who made it on their own without ever having to lie on their backs. Trust me, there are many of us. You can be one too, so let's do this.

We are going to meet this weekend for the first time. So if you're interested, please call 07051229040. But let me repeat this. I can't help everyone. It's not possible. But I promise to help as many as I can. I definitely want to do this because I want to give back...God doesn't bless you for you alone or your family, he gives us so we can pay forward and touch as many lives as we can with his blessings. That's my belief, so I'm really excited to do this.

Once you call that number, she will tell you where we're going to meet this weekend. I can't announce it here before 10,000 people show And please, females only! :-)

All the best people...and yes, you can be self-made! Look at me, I was broke at 30...and now I'm 34 and I have small

Meanwhile, there's a story that I want to share with you guys...but too tired to type it this night. Will do so tomorrow maybe. It's a story I have never told before and it's one of the sad moments in my life that inspired 'I'd Rather Be Self-made'. Probably the saddest day of my life. Will share that tomorrow.

Cheers people!



  1. am turning into a gal guys na.....9ce one from Aunty Linda *thumbs up*

  2. Gloria Nwachukwu19 January 2015 at 22:44

    Anuty linda is truly someone to look up to. That's really nice of her. But, i'm not in lagos. So #pass

  3. #shinestooth make I find Brazilian hair wear to join the train of Linda.. Linda been helping since 1900