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The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and all over the country- lovers and ‘people who love’ are starting their quest for the perfect gift. We have all learnt over time that it’s best to beat the last-minute-rush and have a head-start on the frenzied Vals day shopping sprees.

It’s all happening on Konga.com for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, from romantic packages to fashion discounts and so much more. Konga.com has set up a one stop shop for all your needs. Check out the Konga 2015 Valentine store. Now, it’s so easy to choose the perfect gift for that perfect person.
It gets even more interesting, Konga is partnering with DealDey to give 3 lucky shoppers on Konga.com exotic romantic getaways. For details on winning a night in a luxury hotel, a full body massage and spa treatment or a 3 course dinner at a renowned restaurant in Lagos, click here.

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On the 5th day of February, Konga is going to surprise shoppers more with whooping discounts on fashion items. Which means you can save a lot, and still get a lot! - That's what is called a LOVE BOOM.
Join the konga conversation and leave a shout-out for your loved ones in the ‘2015 Konga Book of Love'. You can also tell what love is to you and have fun reading other peoples comments on Twitter #KongaValentine.

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  1. wow....Konga rocks.. don't have a val anyways
    @Emmy'z world

  2. Gloria Nwachukwu31 January 2015 at 21:03

    This valentine go hot with all these deals but the Govt just want to spoil it with this election... Anyways, hope it still makes sense sha