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Hello Diamonds,
Figure out the Trivia and recharge your phone.

HINT - Each question represents a number. Decipher the numbers and let us know. We would then give you the other digits to recharge your phone.

Fastest Finger wins as always…
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- Number of rings in the Olympic symbol
- An extreme temperature, Absolute __?
- Highest single digit number
- The Nigerian under 20 football team have won the African Youth Championship cup for a record __ times
- The 3rd prime number is __?
- Gestation period for human is __ months
- Hormone, Cyclone, Soonest and Someone are all 7 letter words which if you take out 4 letters, you will be left with __
- Number associated with ‘Square root’
- Mr. John has 6 daughters, each of the daughters have 1 brother. How many children does Mr. John have
- A number that sounds like the word ‘HATE’

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