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Hey! Proud Lagosians, here is another implausible contest that gets you astounding WOW Prizes…. It’s VConnect JJC Contest. Simply HELP JOHNNY and WIN the great prizes! An avenue to prove yourself as a true Lagosian and a great shopper. Can you help Johnny clear his fret? Do you even understand his plight at all?
Yes… here is it, your dear Johnny a young new guest coming to settle down in the beautiful city of Lagos. His very first time to this city. He just got a nice apartment but presently worried over finding the right stores to keep his new home beautifully intact. He’s got only three weeks to achieve his desires – Furnishing Store, Kitchen Appliances and Electronics.  This week, Johnny needs Furnishing Store where he could get alluring furnishing sets in his new home. Can you help him find the right stores? If yes, Join the VConnect JJC Contest for WOW Prizes. 
Follow these steps to WIN:
1.  Follow us on twitter @vconnectnigeria.
2. Suggest your favourite shops for buying home furnishings.
3. Write a review about the store on twitter using @vconnectnigeria and #VCJJC.
4. Post a picture of the store and tell him what is special about that store.
*Your review must be based on your experience with the store.
Remember, Johnny will be needing a good store for his Kitchen Appliances next week… Ofcourse he wants to prepare his delicacies like you. As you make your search on this, prepare for Johnny’s next week’s need.. You could be the lucky winner too.
VConnect however advised that you follow the instructions as provided on each page adding that you provide valid e-mail and credentials on twitter to qualify as a valid entrant in this contest.  Be also informed that all entries will be accepted from 2nd May 2015 and winners announced after each week’s entries. Once your entry is registered, you will be eligible for the prizes every week from the date of submission of contest entry to the date of closure of that week, subject to other terms and conditions.
Be a SOLUTION to Johnny’s Plight and WIN the Wow Prizes.

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