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Hello my people, i have decided to send you all a monthly message from now on, lets share ideas each month and see how we can influence the Nigerian Companies Promotions.

Each month, we will be treating Topics Like;

1. The Kind of Prizes you Expect from Companies. 
2. The Problems you experience in some Promos and Contests
3. The Companies that are very Fair in their Promos
4. The Fake Promo companies to avoid, kindly report your bad experiences 
5. The Promo Winners Testimonials
6. The best companies promos, thereby encouraging other companies to serve you better
7. New Ideas. Suggesting promo ideas to companies. They could reward you for brilliant ideas.
8. Reviewing Promo Blog and advising me on how to serve you better.
9. Promo Blog By Gloria Affiliate. Marketing Promo Blog to companies to advertise their promos here and your commission for each paid advertisement you bring. Email me on gloriaaniagolu@gmail.com if you are interested  in this part.
10. Finally, we will be listing companies that are not offering promos. encouraging them to give back to their fans through Promos and Competitions.

There are soo many other Topics to discuss each month and you guys can also tell me other topics you wish to be addressed.

When i conceived the Idea of Promo Blog and started it in April 2012, i believe this blog will be very beneficial. My idea is to encourage people to participate in Nigerian Companies Promos. You can actually get rich just by participating in Nigerian Companies Promotions. Imagine Winning N1Million Naira just by Posting your Photo in St Remy Millionaire Promo and Getting votes.

Its About Interest, Persistence, Faith, yes you have to believe you can win and insist on winning before you can record success in these Promos.

If you are still in doubt about Nigerian Promos, FIND THE AUGUST  WINNERS LIST BELOW 

Love you all and wishing you a successful month. To all those who don't believe in Promos, the list below will convince you to give it a trial.


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