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The Next Titan is back for a new season searching for a new set of young ambitious entrepreneurs that are willing to demonstrate their commercial insight, business savvy, entrepreneurial acumen, and street-smart on a 10 week reality show for an ultimate prize of N5 Million and a brand new Ford car. 

THE NEXT TITAN is a 10 week Nigerian Entrepreneurial Reality TV show designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians.

The TV Reality Show which is in its third season gives an opportunity to young talented Nigerians who have great, innovative and unbeatable business ideas, to compete against one another in real-life entrepreneurial challenges in a bid to ultimately win Five Million Naira and a Brand New Car to start their new business or to support their existing business.

Eligible Age:               
18-39 years old

Regional Auditions:  
Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and Lagos.

The Next Titan is about changing the story of Nigeria to a story about innovation, tenacity, and entrepreneurship; a story of people who have the determination to defy the odds, transform their circumstances and challenge conventional wisdom.  The story of the people that is able to build from bottom to up.  — And this is the idea behind THE NEXT TITAN; Nigeria’s business reality TV Show designed to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit of audacity, tenacity, creativity and drive of young Nigerians.

The show is designed as entertainment with thrilling and exciting format but its primary purpose is to change the mind-set of the people by awakening the entrepreneurial spirit of young Nigerians thereby accepting responsibility of being masters of their own destinies.

The reality show is a global standard television platform aims at practically engineering entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths through identifying the best business minds and supporting their entrepreneurial acumen through financial and logistical assistance, informal training, knowledge and other requisite services needed to propel them into successful business personalities.

16 final  contestants will have very real street smarts in order to make it through the challenges, and the contestants will prove their entrepreneurial acumens through various businesses challenges in the 10-week of the show.

At the end, the winner will walk away with Five Million Naira and a brand new car for his or her business.

THE NEXT TITAN will bring the reality of pains and gains of entrepreneurial journey into the living rooms of millions of Nigerian TV viewers, and with great engagement with them.

Each week, tasks and challenges will incorporate various aspects of business:

Strategic Planning and Organising
Time Management
Business Strategy
Finding Investors
Selling and Sales Strategy
Advertisement Pitch and Campaigns
Organising Event/ Charity Party
Developing A Business Idea
Team Work
Philanthropy and Community Service

The judges of the show are top Nigerian business leaders who will take advantage of their positions as judges to mentor the contestants and millions of viewers. The mentorship aspect of the show will also entails the visiting of other young successful entrepreneurs to the house of the contestants on weekly basis.

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