Saturday, 3 December 2016


Another delicious challenge, another chance to win useful gifts! 
All you have to do is create your own version of Milk Eba with Egusi soup (see the recipe here:, adding your special touch and send a picture of your dish and yourself to 

Follow the steps:, be creative and you may become the next #PecadomoAmbassador!

1. Make your own version of the Video of the week BELOW. You have to add your special touch and tell us what that touch is.

2. Take a creative picture showing you and your finished dish with can of Peak evaporated milk.

Send your picture with title ‘PECADOMO AMBASSADOR’ to

The best 3 pictures for this recipe will be chosen

1st prize is Deep Fryer

2nd & 3rd prizes are Set of Cooking Pots

Winners will be announced a day after the close of contest week.

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