Friday, 16 February 2018

Imose Mobile Valentine Contest

Here is Imose Mobile Valentine Contest.


1. Fans are required to pick a number from the Tree of Love.

2. Ten [10] numbers are masking different gifts [Phones and T-Shirts] on the tree.

3. Two [2] numbers mask two FREE #GiDi and Eight [8] numbers are covering eight [8] FREE T-Shirts.

4. Ten [10] fans who guessed these numbers correctly will be announced as winners at the end of the week.

5. To enter, you MUST be a fan, like and share the post, engage with all our posts, include the hashtag in your comments and change your profile picture to Imose Mobile Logo. Tag at least 5 friends in your comments too.

6. A fan can only enter once as multiple entries means automatic disqualification.

7. Remember, what you pick is what you win. BOOM!


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