Jumia Voucher Code Hunt 2018. Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Win Big!!!

by March 06, 2018 2 comments

Get ready for the Voucher Code Hunt from March 12th!

Spin and Win! Get ready to spin the Wheel of Fortune from the 12th of March and win shopping vouchers to buy your favorite mobile phones this #JumiaMobileWeek

1. Download the app to get all the secret characters to form the Voucher http://bit.ly/2FhAy2t

2. Secret characters will appear from march 12th - 16th.

3. Use the 10 character to form your voucher.

Enjoy your discounts on march 19th.

Contest Ends on March 19th , 2018.


  1. Hi Gloria, i was wondering if there is another similar voucher available these days. I am also thinking of making my own cashback and coupon website where i will be able to share vouchers with others. I liked your website very much ever since i laid my eyes on it. How did you make such colourful website? I have come across a website name revglue.com/bespoke where they promise to setup a cashback and coupon website for me but i dont know where to start and which company to trust. Can you guide me here?

  2. Hi Carly thanks for your lovely comment and I’m sorry but I don’t know about Cash back or Coupon sites. Browse google for some developers of such