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Let’s celebrate mums together. 
Just like our foodies, they hold a special place in our hearts too. 
How well do you know your mum? 
How to participate 

 2. Answer all the questions. 

3. Fill in your details and submit your entry. 

We’ll surprise your mums if you get the answers correctly.
 Your Mum will be contacted to reconfirm how well you answered the questions asked. 
The pictures uploaded will be converted to a video. 
5 winners will be selected and rewarded based on corresponding answers.
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Note: you have 90 seconds to fill the form!
So prepare your self before proceeding 

Here is questions 
 What is your mum's favorite food? 
 What is your pet name for your mum?
 What cooking ingredient does your mum love the most? 
What time does your mum have lunch? 
 Which of these would your mum prefer? 
pick one! ChickenFish MeatNone Which one would your mum prefer?
 pick one! Yam PorridgePlaintain PorridgeNone Your first name? 
 Your first name?
 Your mum's name? 
 Your phone number Your mum's phone number?
 Your mum's state? 
 Upload your mum's photo
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The activity runs from 10th March, 2018 and ends at Noon on 12th March, 2018.


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