Three Crowns Fitness Challenge.

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The #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge is an initiative by Three Crowns Milk to create awareness on the importance of keeping fit and eating healthy; encouraging consumers to be healthy in every moment irrespective of what they do and what they take.

This campaign goes beyond persuading people to adopt the brand but creating fun ways on how to live that lifestyle and creating an atmosphere of encouragement

So for 30days, will be taking our consumers through daily fitness routines where they can work out with things around them and each one would have a meal plan, we would also engage the services of fitness instructors to help through the life-changing journey.

Interested participants are expected to share their routines and meal plan for 30 days with us on our Instagram platform. 
Consistent participants would be rewarded for their commitment towards a healthy lifestyle; ultimately their healthy bodies would be their reward. 
This we believe would promote and develop a healthy lifestyle habit.

Join the challenge today and get ready to #WorkoutWithWhatever and be #FitInEveryMoment.


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