Win Up to N1 Million in BIC Shave & Win Promo 2018.

by October 13, 2018 1 comments

It's time to #ShaveAndWin Nigeria! 

For the next three (3) months, you stand a chance to win up to 1million Naira.
All you have to do is 

1. Buy any promotional pack of the #BIC1 or #BICComfort2 shavers
2. You'd find a coupon inside which you'd scratch to reveal your secret number.
3. Text the revealed number to 1393 (SMS is Free) 
4. You would get a text that confirms you have qualified for the monthly draw or you win an instant time. 

Washing machine, TV, generator, mobile phone, or other fantastic prizes every month
Once again Nigerians.

It is time to #ShaveAndWin!!!!

#BICNigeria #BICShavers #BIC1 #BICComfort2 #giveaway #Nigeria #Africa 

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