Malta Guinness 10 Days of Christmas Quiz!!! Win Cash Prizes.

In the spirit of giving and sharing this season, we will be rewarding lucky winners for the next 10 days! Its Happening on Instagram @maltaguinnessng

One lucky fan who answers our quiz correctly will get a cash reward for each day! 

Day 1, N17,000 is up for grabs, 
Day 2 N18,000 and on 
Day 10 we have N25,000! 

Will you Bmaltavated? 

Tag your friends and don’t miss out on this. 


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  1. Unknown

    Drinking Malta Guiness helps in gingering the body spirit, perfect for drinking for a healthy body. and no one will have a healthy body and will not #Bemaltavated.

  2. Unknown

    Malta Guiness is healthy for body.
    And drinking Malta Guiness you will surely #bemaltavated
    U.B.A 2114551456

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