Premier Cool “Share Your Moments of Confidence Story and Win N50,000”.

This Premier Cool Promo is all about Telling your Story of Confidence.

Premier Cool wants to know your moments of confidence story. That tilting point that marked the end of doing what everyone expects and marked the beginning of doing what you desire.

We’re looking out for crude and real stories, where you were in a “make or break” situation and you chased your dreams with confidence.

N50,000 For the best Story.

#PremierCool #MomentOfConfidence #October #PCMOC

One thought on “Premier Cool “Share Your Moments of Confidence Story and Win N50,000”.

  1. My moment of confidence was when I came back from work one day after having my bath with my bathing soup which is premier cool, I picked up my phone to check my social media, then I saw a premier cool advert though I was not that happy over some of the things i saw in which I immediately complained of and a message was sent to me immediately by premier cool official,and till today am still enjoying my premier cool.

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