W‎in N20,000 + 1 Year Supply of Power Oil in Power Oil ‎#POAdvertChallenge

Express Your Creativity With Power Oil 160ML.

This December are you ready for the power oil ‎#POAdvertChallenge! 
‎Let the #Challenge begin!!! 

Show the world how creative you are to win N20,000 and 1 year supply of power oil.

Kindly read through the rules #carefully to participate. #POAdvertChallenge

1. Create a 60Sec video advert using our new 160ml sachet Using any of the Following Keywords.
   (i.)Healthy way to cook more
   (ii.) Big, healthy,  made just for you‎
   (iii.) The healthy way is always the best way

2. Ensure the new 160ml pack(s) is visible in the video advert.

3. Post your advert on your social media page (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter) using the hashtag #POAdvertChallenge ‎
Then SEND your VIDEO to us Via DM (Direct message) .

4. The Top 10 most creative entries win N20,000 each and 1 year supply of Power Oil.


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