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Press Release from Multichoice DSTV

To ensure continued delivery of the latest technology to our subscribers, we will be upgrading your decoders from old legacy decoders (non MultiChoice decoders) to new DStv decoders. Decoders included are: DSD 910’s, DSD 920’s, DSD 933, DSD 990’s and MC DSD (Single view, 660, 720 & 720i), Dual view 820, SDPVR 3001.

All active Single View, Dual View & SD PVR subscribers who are on a billable package (Access, Family, Compact, Compact+ and Premium) including disconnected subscribers who were active between 1 Aug – 15 Sept 2014 are entitled to a free swop which will last until 30 Nov 2014 for Single View / Dual View subscribers and 28 Feb 2015 for SDPVR subscribers.

Please note if you do meet the terms of the swop and fail to do so before the deadline, your accounts will be switched off and you will be required to purchase a new decoder.

For your free swop visit your nearest MultiChoice office together with your old legacy decoder and smartcard before the deadlines.

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  1. So that still have the old version DSD 990 what do we do with because am not away of this swop till now