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ATTENTION: Young & Cerebral Essay Competition 2014

Answer only one of the following in  (540 Words)
1.My favourite Nigerian hero of the last century (no age limit)
2.Do you do what you love at school/work? (18-25 years)
3.How to solve the Nigerian unemployment challenge (26-35 years)

How to Apply

All applications should be sent to in MSWord with the applicant's full details (Full Names, Age, Gender, Email Addresses, Phone Contact, School/Institution, State of Residence). And also, let us know how you heard about the Essay Competition. Successful candidates will be contacted.

Rules & Regulations

1. The competition is open citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
2. All candidates must be legal residents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
3. The candidate must be aged between 18-35 years
4. The essay must be typed in “Book Antiqua” size 12 typeface and in Microsoft Word
5. The essay submitted must not be more than five hundred and forty words (540 Words). Failure to comply with this shall lead to automatic disqualification.
6. All entries must be written in the English language.
7. The candidate must only apply based on one topic that should be submitted electronically. Multiple applications will be disqualified.
8. The candidate's bio-data shall be used by Young & Cerebral for publicity purposes.
9. The top nine shortlisted candidates for the total categories shall be invited for an interview.
10. Plagiarism will not be permitted. All entries must be properly referenced. Note that information from the following websites is NOT allowed as forms of reference for this competition: Wikipedia or any wiki links site. Your research must reflect appropriate and relevant reviewed journals and legitimate websites.

Laptops, smartphones, tablets, books and lots more

Young & Cerebral Team
Deadline is 6th November 2014

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