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There is no gainsaying the fact that Entertainment in all spheres has effectively permeated our society and therefore is regarded as one of the greatest positives that the country has to offer to the rest of the world.

From fashion, music, movies, comedy and what have you, Nigerians in this industry have really made their marks and shown uncommon dexterity.
To this end, it is not out of place to continually create platforms and pedestals especially the creative ones through which the industry can constantly grow and develop for the utmost benefit of the country
The project FASHION AND MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is one of such novel platforms aimed at engendering growth and development of the industry
The progenitors of this novel concept hereby intend to creatively fuse two artistic sections of entertainment i.e. Fashion & Music as to create a platform where inherent talents can be discovered, nurtured and properly harnessed for the sustenance and development of this burgeoning industry

• To create a platform for showcase, promotion and exposition of talents in the fashion and music sectors of our entertainment industry
• To create an enviable scouting point for renowned practitioners and stakeholders in the industry in search of new talents
• To serve as an avenue for industry networking, appraisal and evaluation
• To propagate our unique style, culture and values to the rest of the world
• To entertain


• Applications will be in two categories -Fashion & Music, which will open by July 2014
• Interested applicants will have the opportunity of making their entries online via our website- www.famenigeria.com.ng with submissions in the prescribed manner and within the stipulated time-frame
• All submitted applications will be thoroughly scrutinized and successful applicants will be shortlisted for training/ audition which will be the utmost pre-condition for qualification into the finals of the event
• The training and audition sessions will entail ALL shortlisted applicants both in Fashion & Music categories converging daily at a designated location where they will be engaged by instructors, producers and relevant stakeholders for training and rehearsals. All shortlisted applicants for the training/ audition session will be presented with Certificate of Participation
• There would be engagement on various activities in relation to select areas of specialization between the instructors and applicants
• The Instructors/Producers will select the best 5 in each of the categories to be showcased at the grand finale from where a winner will emerge and take the star prize
• All other participants will receive consolation gifts

• This will be a stylish and glamorous event
• The set-up will be classy and tasteful
• The real infusion of fashion and music will be clearly showcased on this day
• Staging, lighting, decoration and aesthetics will resonate the theme and objective for the day
• A colourful red carpet session will herald happenings on the day
• The finalists in each category (Fashion & Music) will be formally introduced to the audience

• Activities proper will start with the projection of a 30mins intriguing and encapsulating documentary of events about the project preceding the day especially the training and audition process to arrive at the finalists on showcase for the grand finale
• This will immediately be followed by the introduction and presentation of judges for each category to signify the commencement of the show proper
• The flow of show for the day will see the creative blend of fashion and music seamlessly intertwined for the relish of audience

Event Flow
• There would be two outings per contestant per category
• For the fashion category, contestants will come out in day time costume and evening costume
• For the music category, contestants will sing one acapella (without instrumentals) with the other genre of choice being the entry song to show versatility
• Duration of outing per contestant per category will be well regulated by event compere or as pre-stipulated

Judging Parameters
• There would be five clear-cut indices per category upon which the judges would strictly based their decisions
• FASHION- Originality, Creativity, Modelling Skills, Style and Modernization
• MUSIC- Lyrics, Beat, Originality, Audibility, and Delivery

Grand Prize
- N1,000,000 (inclusive of Magazine Cover + Collaboration Line with a Top Designer)
Grand Prize
- N1,000,000 (inclusive of Production of the Winning Song by a Top Music Producer)
Consolation prizes will be available for ALL other contestants

Event Details
DATE:Wednesday 17th December 2014
VENUE:Grand Ballroom, Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos State
TIME:5:00pm (Red Carpet)


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