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1. ORGANISERS AND SCOPE OF THE FAIR The 2014 Lagos International Trade Fair is organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The Fair which is staged with the support and co-operation of the Federal and the State Governments covers all aspects of business and economic activities in Nigeria. It offers a unique exposition for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and users of a wide range of goods and services as well as opportunities for investment and trade promotion.
The Fair will take place at the Main Arena, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria with a total exhibition space of over 40,000m2.
3. DATE  IS 7TH - 16TH NOVEMBER, 2014
The main objectives of the Fair are to promote the following:
(a) The revitalisation and diversification of the Nigerian economy;
(b) Nigeria’s non-oil exports;
(c) Accelerated development of commerce and industry;
(d) Made-in-Nigeria products;
(e) Agriculture and agro-based industry;
(f) The evolution of Nigeria’s trade with the outside world;
(g) Direct attention to the role of the private sector in the Nigerian economy; and
(h) Prospects for foreign and local investments in strategic areas.
It is anticipated that the fair will attract about 500,000 visitors from within and outside the Country including businessmen, investors, customers, top government officials and representatives
of Nigeria’s important trading houses and those seeking joint-venture partnerships.
- Business organisations in Nigeria;
- Overseas organisations and Governments; ECOWAS member States;
- Diplomatic Missions and trade Representatives;
- Federal and State Government-owned Companies;
- Agencies and Parastatals; as well as
- Research and Educational institutions
(a) Lagos is the gate-way and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. With about 150 million people, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa. Lagos is the hub of Nigeria’s business and economic activities as well as its main port of entry.
(b) The Fair is an important regular business occurrence aimed at a special audience which includes professionals, businessmen and investors.
(c) The Fair is for Nigerian enterprises seeking wider access to internal markets as well as international markets and investors seeking joint-venture partners and markets for intermediate and capital goods in Nigeria and the ECOWAS community.
8. THE EXHIBITSIn line with the country’s development priorities, special emphasis will be given to products and services in the following sectors.
(a) Agriculture and Food Production
- Crop production and seed multiplication.
- Irrigation.
- Handling/Storage/Processing equipment and machines.
- Livestock
- Fishing
- Primary food preservation and processing
- Food Beverages – New products
(b) Building and Construction materials and systems
- Building materials.
- Building and Civil Engineering plants.
- Construction equipment
- Sewage and water treatment plants and systems.
- Town planning and environmental sanitation.
(c) Industrial & Production machinery including:
- Consumer goods production plants and machinery.
- Materials handling & Storage Equipment.
- Metal working Equipment
- Machine Tools
- Woodworking Machinery
- Maintenance Equipment
(d) Oil, Gas and Petro-chemical
- Exploration and Production
- Refining and Marketing
- Petro-chemical Products e.g. Fertilizers, carbon black, resins and plastics.
(e) Mining and Energy
- Mining Equipment
- Electrical Equipment
- Power Generation/Distribution
(f) Transport / Aviation
- Passenger vehicles
- Heavy duty trucks and vehicles
- Automotive component and spare parts.
- Aircraft, Airport Equipment.
- Railway and Ports Engineering Components.
(g) Telecommunications
- Communication Equipment
- Electronics
- Telephones
- Internet and Fax
(h) Business Equipment and Data Processing Systems.
- Business and Accounting Machines
- Computer and Data processing Machines.
(i) Training and Education
- Educational Systems and Equipment.
- Scientific and Medical Teaching Equipment
- Engineering & Technical Teaching Equipment.
- Sports & Recreational Equipment
(j) Healthcare and Safety Equipment
- Hospital Equipment
- Medication
- Safety and Protective Clothing
- Fire protection and Fire Fighting Equipment.
- Security Systems.
(k) Banking and Finance Services
- Commercial and Merchant Banking Services.
- Development Finance
- Money and Capital / Market
- Insurance
(l) Scientific/Technological Break-through
- Researched Findings
- Scientific Innovations
*INDOOR (Shell scheme stands) = N15,000 /m2,  
*INDOOR (Unbuilt) = N12,000  /m2                            
*OUTDOOR = N8,500  /m2                
*OUTDOOR PREMIUM SPACE = N12,000  /m(Minimum bookable space for Premium Space is 72m2)
On or before July 31st   - 5%    
August 1st – 31st              - 4%
 September 1st – 30th        - 3%
LCCI FINANCIAL MEMBERS’ DISCOUNT (IN ADDITION TO THE EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT)                                                                                       
    Category ‘A’ Member                -             7.5%      
    Category ‘B’ Member               -               5%                   
   Category ‘C’ Member               -               3.5%                       
   Category ‘D’ Member              -               2%
Please note that the discounts offered cover payments for space only and is only for financial members.
Included in this Prospectus are the Application Forms for participation which should be completed and returned with appropriate fees to reach the Organisers or their officially appointed Agents on or before October 31, 2014.
Application forms can also be obtained from all Nigerian Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad, the Federal and State Ministries of Commerce and the Secretariats of all the Chambers of Commerce in Nigeria.
Online application for participation is available on the website of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Forms can be filled and submitted online
10(b). MODE OF PAYMENTAll payments are to be made to the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Payments can be made by Bank Draft or cash payment into LCCI accounts at designated banks. Online payment can also be made through the Lagos Chamber website –
A special publicity programme will be mounted in collaboration with our Publicity Consultants and will include:
-          Press Advertisement and Editorial Coverage;
-          Press Releases, Press Conference and Briefs;
-          Radio and TV Interview and Coverage;
-         Posters, Billboards, Neon Sign Advert, banners, and other Below-the-Line Visual   Materials;
-          Exhibition Catalogue
-          Exhibition Press Review and
-           Exhibition Press Supplement.
Exhibitors and Advertisers who wish to subscribe to any of the above should contact The Director, Membership & Trade Promotion.
It is the intention of the organizers to have a uniform pavilion/stand. Therefore exhibitors are expected to patronize only accredited stand contractors who have got standard charge per square metre for the construction of stand.
Please note exhibitors who construct stands using more space than the area paid for and allocated to them shall be surcharged for the additional space at the double the normal rate for such space. Contravention notice and debit notes shall be served on such organization and the Organizer shall seize the company’s property commensurate with the amount being owed as a guarantee for the payment of the stipulated fine. Upon service of contravention notice and debit notes for such surcharge, culprits would be expected to pay within a period of 48 hours, failure of which the organizer shall be free to dispose of the seized items.
More information on construction of stands and any other aspect of the Lagos International Trade Fair can be obtained from:
The Director, Membership & Trade Promotion  
The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry
1, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island,
P. O. Box 109, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 8426982, 7732305 (D/L)
Fax: 2701009, 2705386,


  1. Wow! Lagos Trade fair is here again. I love going to Lagos trade fair, that's where we buy all our cosmetics for shop, aside from the day of the trade fair, on a normal day, if you go there to buy goods, its always cheap. You get the best prices there and during the fair, companies come to showcase their products and you get their goods at a cheaper price you can't get anywhere else.

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  2. My mom dnt miss trade fair, am sure she is ready for this year edition