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Purple Fame Entertainment is giving out one thousand dollars as first prize and five hundred
dollars second for two winners in the #Sanko dance competition on instagram. 
The #Sanko Dance competition is open to all in Nigeria and all around Africa. You can agree with me that the song #SANKO have set a new trend as almost every songs comes
out with the sanko melody.

1. Watch the Sanko official video by Timaya below to learn the dance and spice it up
2. Make a 15 seconds video of yourself or crew doing the #SANKO Dance using the audio as your dance sound track.
3. Upload the Video in your instagram page with #Hashtag #SANKO & Copy i.e CC @Timayatimaya and his Manager @Princeoluzor

The videos will be judged based on the number of likes on instagram.
Entry video will also be reposted on @timayatimaya instagram page .
So campaign &smile to your cheese

DownLoad Watch Sanko Video  

1st: $1000
2nd: $500

The best video from the entries with the highest likes on both users account & @timayatimaya will be selected as the winner

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