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Magbedu Looku Looku Competition
To celebrate this festive season, Magbedu is giving out cash prizes to our fans that have supported us since we launched the website.  The last competition we had which we gave out $500 to our fans on Facebook and twitter has given us the motivation to reward our fans this festive season. Check outthe list of winners in last month Photo contest.
This New competition is called Magbedu Looku Looku Photo Contest. The contest is open and will close on January 3rd 2015. To Participate in Magbedu Looku Looku Photo Contest, please follow the instructions below and don’t forget to read the Rules of the contest.


  1. Listen to Looku Looku by Mavins. You can listen and download the song here
  2. Pick a verse from the song . E.g “Wetin Concern you if na Gala I chop”, “As you see me so I dey Shine Shine, my baby sef dey shine”
  3. Take a photo that caption the verse you pick from the song. An example is shown in on the competition banner
  4. Submit your entry (Photo) here and caption it the verse from the song with an hashtag #MagbeduLookuLooku
  5. Share your Entry with your friends and family to Vote for your picture. The more vote you have the more chances of you winning. You have the chance to win more when your friends and family enter and they vote for you.
  6. Post your link on your Facebook and on twitter with the hash tag.


  1. Highest Vote – $200
  2. 2nd Position (Vote) – $100
  3. 3rd Position (vote) – $50
  4. 4Th Position (Vote) – $50
  5. User that voted most time – $50
  6. User that Voted most time (2nd) – $50


  1. To enter or vote in this competition, you must create a profile on Magbedu (you can check out reason why you need to create a profile on Magbedu here). Creating a profile takes less than 2 mins. You can also create a profile using your Facebook or twitter account by loggin in with either your facebook or twitter.
  2. For your entry or vote to be valid you must be following us on twitter and also like our Facebook page. If at the end of the competition you don’t follow us on twitter or like our Facebook, all your vote won’t count and your effort will be wasted.
  3. Your caption must be a verse from Looku Looku song and your photo must caption the verse that you picked
  4. You can only vote once a day
If you have any question, Kindly drop your question on the support forum and somebody will surely respond back to help out with your question.
Have fun. Magbedu “The Gbedu Never stops
2. Magbedu create and Win CompetitionMagbedu Create and win competition
The Magbedu Create and win competition is for our fans who has decided to join the Magbedu social community. Everybody that partake in this competition has chances of winning something.
To be part of this competition, follow the below instructions


  1. Create a profile on Click on this link to create a profile.
  2. Go ahead and start interacting with other users on the website, you earn point on every activity you do on the website. You can read more on the point you will earn and different activity on here.


  1. Highest point at the end of the December – $200
  2. 2nd Highest Point- $100
  3. Highest Badges (minimum of 3 badges) – $100
  4. 3rd  Highest Point – $50
  5. Highest Followers- $50
  6. For all other users who has 2,00 points and above, we will double the points so your cash prize will be double. For example, if at the end of the month you have 3000 point, we will double your point to 6,000. More point you have the more cash prize you can redeem. You can read more on the point and cash prize to redeem here


  1. You must have a profile created on Magbedu before you can be part of the competition
  2. You must be following us on twitter and also like our Facebook page before you can win, or redeem your prize.
If you have any question do not hesitate to submit your question on the support forum here.
Magbedu, The Gbedu Never Stops


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