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Taskdirect ‪#‎aTHOUSANDlikes‬ ‪#‎aTHOUSANDfollows‬ is your opportunity to showcase how social you are!
Are you social and friendly? Can you boast of over 1000 friends on the social network? 
Do you aspire to become Taskdirect's Social GEM?Then IT IS TIME to bring it on…
1. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @Taskdirect.
2. Invite 50 Nigerian friends to like our page on facebook.com/taskdirectdaily and follow us on @taskdirect on twitter daily
3. Send a list of the 50 friends that have successfully liked our page and followed us on twitter to competition@taskdirect.com on or before 4:30pm daily
4. The first person to send and hit 350 likes and 350 followers by the 15th January 2015 will be announced as the 2nd runner Up
5. The Second person to send and hit 700 likes and 700 followers by 22nd January 2015 will be announced as the 1st runner Up.
6. The Ultimate Winner of ‪#‎athousandlike‬ and #athousandfollows will be announced at 5pm on Wednesday, 28th January 2014
Deadline for submission of entries daily is 4:30pm. Entries submitted after this time will be disqualified
GRAND PRIZE: The Super "Sound In Style"" Mercury Sub Woofer System.
Ist and 2nd Runner UPs: Toshiba 750GB Hard drive
Rules of the Competition:
1. All participants must be resident in Nigeria as we will give prizes to participants resident in Nigeria
2. The competition shall run till 4pm,Wednesday,28th of January, 2015
3. All names and friends invited and submitted to our email at competition@taskdirect.com must be Nigerians and will be validated daily
4. This competition is NOT open to staff and family members of Zinox Group
5. All Entrants must provide valid email address for notification purposes.
6. All Name of friends must be written in full as it appears on the social media pages and will be verified
If you have any questions you can email us at competition@taskdirect.com .
Your Time starts NOW!


  1. dis is strictly business I swear
    @Emmy'z world

  2. Gloria Nwachukwu10 January 2015 at 15:43

    Looks stressful and i cant even do that with my phone #sighs