by March 12, 2015 4 comments
This is a competition for the Whisky lovers. This isn't just your average kind of whisky; it is a single malt whisky. Single malt whiskies are whiskies from a single distillery.

It is The BENRIACH 10 years Curiositas. It is a rare peated malt whisky that has matured in American Oak Wood casks for 10years. In 2006, it won a silver medal in the International Wines and Siprits competition.

We will be giving out 5 bottles of the Benriach 10yrs Curiositas for 4 weeks to 5 lucky winners every week.

Make sure you are 18 and above, then simply tell us what country benriach is distilled in and stand a chance to be the winner..fastest fingers people..Goodluck guys

(At first i didnt wanna post this, do we have whisky lovers on Promo Blog?) Oya identity yourself...