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This one is just a Tip for once in a while when you are stranded and looking for votes to win huge amount of Money.
Ok this Tip is a bit difficult but in my experience online, i have seen it work.

What do i mean by Celebrity Endorsement??? 
How does it work??? and 
Which Celebrity is ready to endorse you???
What kind of contest do you ask Celebrities to endorse???

Celebrity endorsement is a scenario where a celebrity helps you out to win a contest by asking her fans to vote for you because he or she recognizes you as a fan. 

How it works???
You see all these celebrities that are constantly posting pictures and videos on Social Media, they do so because they want to connect with their fans. If you actively comment on their posts, and you think they don't know you, its a lie. They read those comments because they want to know what people think of them. 

If you actively follow a celebrity who is quite responding to fans on social media, they will come to your aide when you need them to win a contest. This is especially because you are an active fan.

Which Celebrity is ready to endorse you???
We all know that most Nigerian celebrities are very hard to reach. But i tell you, some of them do respond to fans request on social media.

AY - I have personally seen a contest that AY put up one of his fans and asked his followers to help her win a beauty contest.

DON JAZZY - He is very good at relating to his fans and helping them.

PAUL OKOYE -  He is also good at connecting with fans.

ETC, You need to find them out

What kind of contest do you ask Celebrities to endorse???

Ask them to help you out in Contests that require voting and Millions involved.
Remember that celebrities don't want to get involved with products or brands that will make it seem like they are promoting such products.

Ask them to help you in beauty contests, or other organisations contest that is not attached to brands example "My Big Nigerian Wedding", E.t.c

Thats it for this week. New Tip Coming up next week..... 
Thanks to you all. Wishing you all a SUCCESSFUL WEEK.

Im sure most of you might not agree with this one??? Do you Agree or Disagree???

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  1. Glo dear, u re very right. Though it's a tough one

  2. great tip....tanks a lot ....
    @Emmy'z World

  3. great tip....tanks a lot ....
    @Emmy'z World

  4. agreed na u surely be Boss @gloria

  5. Gloria Nwachukwu10 March 2015 at 23:55

    thanks.... let me go and start liking and commenting