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The Ministry of Communication Technology as part of its yearly activities to mark the ‘2015 Girls in ICT Day’ is calling for submissions for a proposal on “My ICT Innovation” from girls in secondary schools nationwide.
International Girls in ICT Day is an initiative backed by all ITU Member States in ITU Plenipotentiary Resolution 70 (Guadalajara, 2010) . It aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in April every year.

Entry Submission Information (Modalities):
This year, as part of activities to mark the Girls in ICT day, the Ministry of Communication Technology is sponsoring a competition that will encourage girls to discover new and innovative ways of using ICT in everyday life, work and study. Submissions are therefore invited from girls in secondary schools across the country in the competition titled: “My ICT Innovation”

How to enter:

a. Entries should give a detailed description of a proposal, project or idea on what you or
your team can do with ICT given the opportunity in any area of your choice
b. Submissions should not be less than 750 but not more than 1000 words in 3 pages of
Microsoft Word Document or 5 pages of Power Point Presentation
c. Diagrams are not compulsory but could enhance your entry
d. Entries should be clearly marked and labeled with name of student(s)/school and
endorsed by the school principal
e. Participants in this competition must be ready to demonstrate ownership of the
proposal when called upon to do so.
Entry submission portal:
Entries are to be submitted online at: www.digitalgirls.org.ng
(Participants are advised to check the portal from time to time. Only submissions through
the portal will be considered)

1st Prize: N500, 000 (Five hundred thousand naira)
2nd Prize: N300, 000 (Three hundred thousand naira)
3rd Prize: N200, 000 (Two hundred thousand naira)

1. Prizes will only be awarded to support the innovations or ideas in the winning
2. Due to the volume of entries that this competition will attract, only winning entries will
be contacted.

Entry duration:
Entries will be received from Monday, April 27th to Thursday, 30th April, 2015. Entry
closes on Thursday, 30th April 2015. Winners will be announced on Friday 8th May,
Prizes will be awarded to winning submissions on Tuesday, 14th May, 2015
For more information, please email: prsd@commtech.gov.ng

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