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How to Become Vanguard Spark Rookie Of The Month
To Participate:
1. Upload your picture (Size: 480 X 480) with your Name, Email address, Phone number, Twitter handle and a short Bio of your area of expertise and your Unique Selling Point.

2. Follow Vanguard Spark on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

3. Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

4. Get your friends to vote for your picture by LIKING your photo and leaving RECOMMENDATIONS in the comment section.

5. The total votes and recommendations boosts your profile and your chance to win.

6. The Rookie of the Month will be announced on the last day of the month.

NB: One lucky Rookie receives crowd-funding support (cash grant) courtesy of Vanguard Spark.

On the last week, the top three (3) finalists are required to send in a brief business plan of how they intend to maximize the benefits of “The Spark” given off for that month. After assessment, only one gets crowd-funded.

We believe in you. Now, believe in yourself!

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