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Decided to tell you, based on my personal experience, the process of buying a car through a website service
I think many will be interested and maybe someone will take advantage of this information.

Let's start...a little about the site.
Website is a Bulletin Board for communication among sellers and buyers without intermediaries . 

To buy you should: 
1. Find the products of interest – on the homepage, you simply enter the name of a product or service in the search bar. You can find interesting offers among all the ads column by selecting a rubric, but it can be very long. 
2. Contact seller. 
3. Complete the deal.

From the beginning you need to decide what you want to buy, that is, what the car brand will be. (Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maybach or Audi...). Independently, I found a suitable option using the website in the Cars category.
It should be noted that I was looking for used Audi three months, talked on the phone with sellers, watched with friends, but it was not a suitable options.

Another machine, which I need to watch closely (about the 7th), was located at about 600 km from the place where I live. So, found a person who is professionally engaged in the car search . Pre-armed with the necessary instruments, he went to the dealer, checked the car and the condition of the paintwork and the reality of the claimed mileage. The car was perfect and i decided to purchase it. The seller issued the invoice, I paid it. 
Now I have a good car for a reasonable price!

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