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"And now we have the FIRST MILLIONAIRE of the Indomie Flash and Win promo! Join in to congratulate Sheriff Ayinde Salihu from Nasarawa on his lucky win! 

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"...And we have our first N100,000 WINNER! 
Join in to congratulate the lucky winner Chimomso Thubie from Enugu - phone number 0813446XXXX. 

If you want to be a winner too all you have to do is participate in the Flash and Win Promo. 
Simply buy Indomie Super Pack and flash on the phone number printed on the seasoning sachet. 

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"Cheer on! Here's presenting one of the winners of the Indomie Flash and Win Promo who's being handed a cheque of N100,00!!! 

Wanna be a winner too? Buy an Indomie Super Pack today, flash the phone number on the seasoning sachet and hope Lady Luck smiles upon you!

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"And we have another winner! Put your hands together for GINIKAWA NWANKWO, the lucky lucky winner from Port Harcourt! Go celebrate girl.#ILoveIndomie

We have many more lucky winners. Are you one of them? 
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"More winners of the Indomie Flash and Win Promo from Kano and Abuja! Many Congratulations! 
How lucky are you today? Find out now - Buy a pack of Indomie Super Pack and flash the number on the seasoning sachet. 
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You like no other, Promo like no other!"

We have more winners to flaunt! Indomie's 'Flash and Win' promo gets hotter by the day. 
Let's congratulate Mary Aji from Makurdi for winning N100,000. 
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Many many congratulations to Chibuzor Ekeowa from Anambra For winning N100,000.

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  1. when is our own over here in Makurdi? my flashes taking me like for ever.

  2. 1) How many times can one FLASH a number.
    2) When i flashed the first number on the sachet a text was sent to me, but no text was sent in subsequent numbers i flashed.