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Thermocool will Double the smile on your face this season when you purchase any of their innovative Freezers, Refrigerators, Generators, Washing machine & Cookers and automatically get FREE SMALL APPLIANCES or CONSUMABLES in the Thermocool Awoof Promo

 Terms & Conditions
1.  The THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION is an Instant Win promotion.
2.  The THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION runs from August 3rd – October 3rd, 2015.
3.  For the purpose of this Terms & Conditions:
     a)  “Promoter” refers to HPZ Ltd. The company responsible for the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION;
     b)  “Consumer” refers to persons making a purchase of participating Thermocool products in the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION;
     c)  “Purchase” means that full payment is made in the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION for the Participating Products and SKUs in the promotion period;
     d)  “Products” refers to products participating in the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION;
     e)  “SKUs” refers to product models participating in the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION
4.  Instructions on how to participate and be rewarded form part of this Terms and Conditions. Participation in this THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION is deemed an acceptance of these terms and conditions and this Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
5.  The THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION is limited to select SKUs of Haier Thermocool Refrigerators, Haier Thermocool Freezers, Haier Thermocool Washing Machines, Thermocool Generators & Thermcool Cookers products as follows:

  Freezers:                             HTF-126 (120L);HTF-146 (140L);HTF-146S (140L);HTF-166 (160L);HTF-203
                                                (200L);HTF-203S (200L);HTF-219 (310L); HTF-259(250L) &HTF-319 (200L)
  Gas Generators:                 Bobo Recoil (2.5KVA);Bobo Elect (2.5KVA);Hustler Recoil (3.5KVA);
                                                 Bobo Max Elect (2.9KVA);Hustler Elect (3.5KVA); Big Boy Elect (4.4KVA);
                                                 Oga Elect (6.9KVA);Oga Remote (6.9KVA);Igwe Elect(8.1KVA) &Igwe
                                                 Remote (8.1KVA)
  Refrigerators:                      HR-137 S (130L);HR-147 (140L);HR-167S (160L);HR-195
                                                 (195L);HRF-160EX (160L);HRF-180EX (180L); HRF-200 (200L); HRF-250
                                                 (250L);HRF-300(300L) & HRF-350 (350L)
  Washing Machines:           TLSA, 6kg; TLSA, 8kg; TLSA, 12kg;
  Cookers:                               Crown Damsel [TSCE 504G]; Elite Jewel [TSCL603G1E2O];
                                                 Regal Beauty [TSCR 804G1E]; Regal Dream [TSCR 904G2E];
                                                 Regal Max [TSCR 905G]; Elite Chic[TSCL 604G]; Elite Star [TSCL 603G1E]
6.  Consumers can participate in the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION every time the select SKUs are purchased. With every purchase of these select SKUs, consumers are instantly rewarded with small appliances/consumables as detailed below:
ProductParticipating SKUGiveaway
FreezersHTF-126 (120L)Three 900ml Mamador Vegetable Oil per SKU purchased
HTF-146 (140L); HTF-146S (140L); HTF-166 (160L)Three 1.8L Mamador Vegetable Oil per SKU purchased
HTF-203 (200L); HTF-203S (200L); HTF-219 (210L); HTF-259 (250L) &HTF-319 (310L)One 1 Hob Teflon Cooker per SKU purchased
Gas Generators:Bobo Recoil (2.5KVA); Bobo Elect (2.5KVA); Hustler Recoil (3.5KVA); Bobo Max Elect (2.9KVA); Hustler Elect (3.5KVA)One 1L Engine Oil per SKU purchased
Big Boy Elect (4.4KVA); Oga Elect (6.9KVA); Oga Remote (6.9KVA); Igwe Elect (8.1KVA) &IgweRemote (8.1KVA)Two 1L Engine Oil per SKU purchased
RefrigeratorsHR-137 S (130L); HR-147 (140L)Olympic Drinkper SKU purchased
HR-167S (160L); HR-195 (195L)Three 900ml Mamador Vegetable Oil per SKU purchased
HRF-160EX (160L); HRF-180EX (180L)Three 1.8L Mamador Vegetable Oil per SKU purchased
HRF-200 (200L); HRF-250 (250L)One 1 Hob Teflon Cooker per SKU purchased
HRF-300 (300L) & HRF-350 (350L)One Blender per SKU purchased
Washing MachinesTLSA (6kg); TLSA (8kg); TLSA (12kg)Canoe 1kg Detergentper SKU purchased
CookersCrown Damsel [TSCE 504G]; Elite Jewel [TSCL603G1E2O]One Blenderper SKU purchased
Regal Beauty [TSCR 804G1E]; Regal Dream [TSCR 904G2E]; Regal Max [TSCR 905G];One Solo Manual Microwaveper SKU purchased
Elite Chic[TSCL 604G]; Elite Star [TSCL 603G1E]One Blenderper SKU purchased
8.  The THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION is limited to CoolWorld Retail Stores, Thermocool Exclusive Showrooms and select Retail stores. Consumers can identify participating Thermocool Exclusive Showrooms by the  THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION banners placed outside the stores. All CoolWorld Retail stores across the Nation are participating stores. Consumers can ascertain the participating Retail Stores by enquiring from their  store. Participating Retail stores will hand out flyers in-store for the duration of the promotion.
9.  Every consumer who purchases any of the participating SKUs in any of the participating stores/showrooms is eligible to participate. “Purchase” means that full payment is made for the Participating Product during the Promotional Period.
10.  The Promoter recommends that prior to purchasing a Participating Product, the customer verify that the retailer is authorised to participate in this Promotion. Consumers can call the customer care number (07008437662665) to verify the participating stores.
11. Consumer’s chance of being rewarded with a giveaway is based on the availability of stock - Offer valid while stock lasts.
12.  There is no cash alternative for the THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION - Promotional items cannot be monetised.
13.  All THERMOCOOL AWOOF PROMOTION enquiries should be directed to the Thermocool Customer Care number (07008437662665).
14.  Product pictures in communication materials are indicative, actual products might be different and the Promoter (HPZ Ltd) reserves the right to change the gift items.
15.  The Promoter may in the promotion period collect personal information that may be used for promotional, advertising, marketing, research and profiling purposes, including sending electronic messages or telephoning the consumer.

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