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The #MamadorCookAndCruise promo is in full effect! 
We're giving away 3 Hyundai Accent cars, over N5million, and 103,000 airtime top-ups!!! 

Here's how to enter the #MamadorCookAndCruise promo:
1. Buy a 2.8L or 3.8L bottle of Mamador Pure Vegetable oil, you will notice the scratch panel and stars.
*3.8L = 5 stars
*2.8L = 3 stars
2. To register, scratch the panel and text "MAMADOR" followed by the number revealed to 20822
-You stand a chance of winning instant airtime
-You also qualify for a monthly draw where you stand a chance of winning cash prizes of up to N1million
- Register up to 13 stars in 3 months and qualify for the grand draw where you stand a chance of winning a brand new car and cash prizes of up to N1million each

Click the link to view the list of stores selling Mamador cooking oil so you can enter the promo today!
Terms & conditions apply.

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  1. I've been trying to send this mamador followed by the serial number with no space to 20822 ND it's been deducting 10 naira as message fee then I'll get a reply telling me I sent the wrong serial. I don't get it. Is this a scam or what they have deducted over 200naira already n still not accepting my code. Pls help.

  2. How am I supposed to send this command. Mamador followed by d serial or am I supposed to leave a space in between mamador ND d serial pls advice me cus I've been trying to send this for over 5 hours now n it's been returned @ every try telling me I sent a wrong serial. Pls advice

  3. i have tried it several times too, i was told wrong no., invalid no, etc. i am disapointed in this brand as i was one of their early customers and recommended it to my family and friends. Its time to move on as a lot of great oils are now in the market, customer loyalty should at least count.