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Upcoming artists, here's your chance to be MTN's Music Plus Next Rated! How? 

What is Music+

Music+ is a subscription based Music streaming and download platform. Users can access the service through web, mobile web and mobile native App under the same profile, and listen to, stream music or download and preview tracks.

#MusicPlusNextRated campaign
  1. Upload your music content on MTN Music+
  2. Music upload with the highest likes weekly will be featured on MTN sponsored Music Radio programs across Nigeria.
  3. Amongst the cumulative pool of entries, 10 top entries with the highest likes will be selected.
  4. A panel of producers/music directors (MTN Ambassadors) will make 5 good selection
  5. The selected 5 songs will be uploaded on MTN Music+ platform for one week to generate likes
  6. The person whose song has the highest likes after a week wins a mid-sized salon car.

10 quick steps to upload your song on music plus
  1. Download MTN Music Plus APP.
  2. Launch the MTN #MusicNextRated mini banner.
  3. Click on “Add your show” button.
  4. You will be re-directed to your browser.
  5. Input your song Name.
  6. Upload the Song File from your library.
  7. Upload the Song Album Cover Picture.
  8. Describe your song in your own words(Category, Genre, Language).
  9. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  10. Submit Your Song, Share the link with your friends.