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Cows, Turkeys, Chickens, Hampers and tickets to the village are some of the biggest items people buy from October to December, in celebration of Christmas for Christians, and end of the year for other religions. This time, eTranzact and your bank want you to save money on those end of the year lists by giving you you the opportunity to #RideYourOwnCow into 2016 and win other prizes like Turkeys, Chickens, bags of rice, hampers, movie tickets and millions in airtime

Visit the page HERE before others do:
The promo will run in collaboration with its mobile banking partners,  FCMBSkye BankHeritage Bank, Union BankUnity BankAccess BankStandard CharteredBank, and Jaiz Bank

The aim of the promotion is to reward loyal customers and encourage more people to adopt mobile banking.

The reward promo tagged: ‘Cow, Turkey, Everything Goes Mobile Promo’ will see thousands of customers of the eTranzact-powered mobile banking applications win millions of items including live cows, turkeys, chickens, Cable TV Starter Packs, movie tickets, hampers and bags of rice. 

The first 500 winners have emerged, winning is easy, the more transactions you do, the more your chances of winning every week.
Join the conversation with the hashtag #RideYourOwnCow and follow eTranzact on twitter on @eTranzactPLC. And make sure you check out the eTranzact Facebook page at to hear about things first.

1.  Download your bank’s eTranzact Powered mobile banking application: You can download directly after filling the form on the promo page HERE.
2.  Activate your app by changing your pin and doing at least one transaction.
3.  Carry out weekly transactions such as: Interbank transfers, Pay bills, purchase airtime
4.  Customers with high transaction values are selected via an automated system weekly.
5.  Winners will be announced every Friday

If you already have an eTranzact powered mobile banking app, simply increase the number of transactions you do on it, you can help friends, colleagues and family members do things like; buy airtime, pay their cable tv bills so they don’t miss the latest episode of Empire or the English Premier league, pay for Internet subscription bill so they can always read content on Linda’s blog, etc.
The promotion will run till December 31st, 2015 and the team expects to reach over 50 million people across the 36 states.