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GTBANK Sks Competition for Children is on, this time its about Getting Inventive.

All you need to do is Write to them and tell them the following
1. What is your Invention?
2. How will it work?
3. How will your invention look like  (Invention Blueprint/Design)

Send your Entries to

Toddlers (4-6Years Old)
Kiddies Section (6-9Years Old)
Pre-teens 10-13 years old
Teens 14-17 years old

LEGO Robotics Kit
iPad Air
Playstation 4
Beats By Dre Headphones
iPod Touch
LEGO Consolation Prizes

SKS Young Inventors Competition Terms and Conditions

The SKS Young Inventors competition encourages children to give expression to their
imagination through invention.
1. The SKS Young Inventors competition is subject to the following terms and conditions. By
participating in this competition, entrants are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.
2. Entrants should include the following information (IN BLOCK CAPITALS) with their
o Name
o Age
o Parent and own email address
o Parent’s Telephone number
o Category of entry.
o Name of Invention
o Description of Invention
o Drawing or blueprint of invention
3. Entrants can only be in one category as illustrated below:
o Toddlers 4-6years old
o Kiddies 6-9 years old
o Pre-teens 10-13 years old
o Teens 14-17 years old
4. Submissions for the SKS Young Inventors competition will begin on Tuesday 27th October
2015, and will close on Monday 30th November 2015. If your entry is received after this
date it will not be submitted to the judges.
5. The SKS Young Inventors Competition is open to all SKS customers aged between 4 – 17
years old.
6. All entrants require parental or guardian consent to enter the SKS “In Your Mother Tongue”
competition. GTBank ("the Organiser") reserves the right to require proof of the relevant
7. An entrant can submit only one entry.
8. The judging panel is responsible for the allocation of awards and the decision of the
Chairman of the Judging Panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding
that decision.
9. GTBank may use the data submitted by each entrant for the purposes of managing the
competition. By being a part of this competition, each entrant consents to such use of his/her
information. If you do not wish to consent to such use, please do not enter this promotion
10. All entries together with the smart kids’ details (name, age or town) may be used in publicity
campaigns (including press, social media, calendars, cards, posters and other point of sale
materials) for this year’s competition and for future competitions. Photographs of the winners
together with their names and ages may be used in publicity campaigns where the parents
or guardians of the winners have given their consent.
11. Each entrant may submit a photograph/drawing or blueprint of their invention along with a
written summary describing what the invention can do.
12. Winners will be notified by telephone or email and a list of prize winners will be published on
GTBank’s social media pages, website, and national newspapers. All reasonable efforts will
be made to contact the winners. If the winners cannot be contacted after all reasonable
efforts, the competition organizer will select the next best entry as the winner.
13. The rules of the competition may not be changed or modified and will strictly be applied.
14. Media type is digital pictures and a word document for the picture/drawing/blueprint of the
invention and description in of the invention respectively.
15. Submitted entries must have been completed and submitted by 6pm Monday 30th
November 2015.
16. Entrants will be judged based on the following categories
 Creativity/Originality
 Effectiveness/Usefulness
 Design/Blueprint
17. Entries can be submitted via e-mail to
The Closing Date is 6pm, Monday, 30th November 2015.