by November 13, 2015 10 comments
So this week Emmaway Umoren Anthony is the highest post sharer, thats after Emmy.

But i want to recognize the Blog Commentators this week. If you noticed, yesterday i added the Top Commentator widget for blogger.

Chinonso Mbah is Number 2 on the list. So im rewarding him this week.

Anyways, to everyone who is patiently sharing my posts and commenting, but haven't received my 1k recharge card giveaway, before you crucify me, remember that the main aim of this blog is to help you win money for urself. Thats the main dish here. The recharge card is just a little side attraction. I really don't expect anyone to be angry with me. 

So Emmaway Umoren Anthony i owe you and im glad you won something this week. Timothy Markus, Gloria Ogbonnaya, Boma Boy, David Okenwa, Johnkennedy, Bolaji Ogini, Akins_marv Akintunde Oluwatimilehin Marvelous, Tome, Lord Simon, Starboy Wizkeed(Is this the real Wizkid?Hahaha)are also top fans.

To Judith and Liz J, I will get to you sweethearts of mine.

Emmy still remains Promo Blog N0 1 Fan and hopefully he will get a Christmas gift from me.

Thanks everyone and i haven't forgotton my fans on Twitter. Everyone will get a recharge from me with time.


  1. Thanks Sister Gloria...
    I pray your blog would be successful than Linda Ikeji's own...

  2. hmm...*sad face* .....would keep on trying my best anyways...thanks a lot for recognizing me Aunty Gloria ...
    @Emmy'z World

  3. Lol..just keep on delivering the awesome promos on time gloria...big ups to you

  4. Smile, God knows am not sharing or commenting for dat recharge card ooo, just doing d best i wish i could cos dis blog don make me smile time without no, and i appreciate sis gloria for dis, been ur fan for 3 yrs plus, u even post abt my bday in 2013 n 2014, only 2015 is left out (lol), i know those who always comment then n left, buh am still here not just as a fan but as one of the family, i cant count how many pple have introduce this blog to in my sch, even to my bbm contacts.... you are a blessing to us may God continue to bless you more n more

    1. Lovely words from you J.
      No need to tell ya, you know u are my sweetheart. I'm glad you have won some promos. It also encourages me to continue knowing I can touch peoples' lives in a little way. Thanks J for inviting ur friends.

  5. Well.. congratulations winners. .. let's do more to grow this wonderful promo blog... It has helped me win alot and I hope we help spread the news to others who doesn't know about it yet