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*A VJ (Video Jockey) is an announcer who introduces videos on commercial music television stations.

Have you ever dreamed of being an OAP, TV personality or a Vj? 
If Yes, here is an opportunity to achieve that dream, not just a VJ, but Silverbird's first ever VJ. 
The Silverbird Vj Search 2015 is on and here is how to Apply for the Silverbird Vj Search.

What do you Grab as the winner of the Silverbird Vj Search?
1. You will be opportune to present one season of a show on Silverbird Television as a Silverbird Vj.
2. An opportunity to co-host the Silverbird 35th Anniversary show as Silverbird Vj.

How to Enter for the Silverbird Vj Search? 
1. Upload a short video of yourself to Instagram doing any of the following: Presenting a mock TV show, reading the news or doing something that would interest the viewers.
2. Tag @SilverbirdTV and also use the hashtag ‪#‎SilverbirdVJsearch‬
3. Get your friends and family to like your video. The more likes you have, the better your chances of being selected.
4. Remember to follow our instagram page @SilverbirdTV and also tell your friends to follow as they like your video.

Talent is never enough, it's time to step up!
You could just be the next Ehis. 
All the best Guyz!
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Entry of video closes on 19th Nov, 2015.