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At YUDALA, Santa is Captain YU. Here is a giveaway by them...

Captain Yu just overthrew Santa! 
It is the ‘Season of Giving’ and Captain Yu is in such a great mood to spoil Yu our fans, as he flys all over Nigeria with a bag of goodies! 

Guess correctly specific name and model of 1 of the 3 various items Captain Yu has in his bag and Yu might be lucky to win same item. Tips: “We can’t do without Wifi, and communication is our thing”.

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Send in your guess with the hashtag #YuGetWhatYuGuess . 

Winners will be announced on 11th December 2015. GoodLuck all! 

Follow our social media channels this Christmas season to get a chance to be one of the lucky many to get gifts from Yudala. 
This Xmas is all about Yu!  Click www.yudala.com for clues.