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Do you have a favorite Easter holiday recipe that gets awesome reviews from family and friends? If so, well here is your chance to show the world how good a cook you really are. 

Enter the #OngaEasterRecipe Contest 

How To participate:
1.Share a recipe of the special meal you will like to prepare for your family this Easter (The recipe shared must be indigenous to Nigeria)
2. Each recipe should include a write-up of the ingredients used, instructions for preparation and must highlight how you use Onga powder to achieve the recipe. 
3. Recipe should include a maximum of 4 pictures (1 picture should show you as you are preparing the meal). 
4. Recipes can be shared via inbox, wall posts to the page or by tagging us on your post. 

Each recipe will be reposted on the page, where you can share with your friends and increase your chances of winning.

***Please read Terms and Conditions here:****

6 Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 29th.

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