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It is commonly said that a photograph is worth a thousand words.

If indeed one photograph is worth 1,000 words, then it would be appropriate to find that one photograph that would be worth so many words with our fans.

Can we get anyone to send photograph(s) – portraits, landscapes photos, street photos, observations photos (poor sign writing and other funny photos) or just about any photographs of interest that would attract the most comments from our teeming fans, friends and family members?

We are looking for that one photograph that would elicit a thousand words.

Photographers (Professionals, amateurs and photo enthusiasts) are invited to post their photographs, while giving the opportunity to our fans, friends and family members to like/comment/share such photographs.

Please submit your entry(ies) directly to our Facebook page ( and invite your friends and family to like, comment and share your photograph(s).
Maximum number of photographs that can be submitted by any author each month is there (3).

The one photo with the most comments/likes and views, wins the sum of $100.00 (or its equivalent in local currency).

  1. Only original photographs to which the author has complete intellectual property and copyright shall be considered.
  2. There must be a short story accompanying the submitted photograph which gives an insight into what the photograph is about, or the inspiration behind the photograph.
  3. Photographs must not have been submitted in any other competition before now.
  4. Submitted works can be shot with mobile phones and not necessarily professional cameras or any other professional device.
  5. No need to provide any technical details – type of lens used, aperture and shutter speed – for photographs submitted to #SMVSC.
  6. Storried Team shall only accommodate comments made on the Facebook page. No email should be sent to the Storried Team in respect of the #SMVSC.
  7. Authors are encouraged to invite friends and family to comment/share and like their photo entries. For objectivity, the Storried Team would not make any comment on any photograph.
  8. Authors are encouraged to not brand their photographs with their signages or trademarks, which might give the impression that the works belong solely to the owner of the signage or trademarks and that may conflict with the issue of ownership of the work.
  9. Authors are encouraged to desist from sending NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) photographs. If such work is submitted, the author risk being banned from entering for future #SMVSCs.
  10. The Storried Team shall ensure that the authors intellectual property rights and copyrights in submitted works are followed. In the event that third parties would require the use of submitted photographs, the Storried Team shall contact the author.
  11. To maintain objectivity and neutrality, no member of the Storried Team nor anyone directly or remotely connected with the Storried Team and it’s owners or workers is eligible for the #SMVSC.
  12. Authors are encouraged to provide their details like phone number and email address so that the Storried Team can contact winners of the #SMVSC with ease and frustrate the antics of frauds and impostors.
  13. Storried Team has the final say on the winning entry and reserves the right not to declare a winning entry if in any particular month all the entries submitted do not make the cut for what genuinely constitutes a visual storytelling photograph.
  14. The Storried Team shall not entertain any inquiries after results have been officially announced through the Storried website and social media accounts.
  15. All authors are encouraged to understand the contents of the rules guiding the competition before they submit their entries. Failure to comply with any of the competition rules can disqualify any author even though such photograph has garnered the most likes, shares, comments or views.
  16. By submitting an entry, an author agrees to be bound by the entirety of these rules.

 Submission Deadline is on Sunday, July 31, 2016 @ Midnight.