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Here is's first writing challenge created for lovers of flash fiction and writing in general. This is an easy challenge designed simply to stimulate thinking and inspiration among creative writers.

They have two writing prompts below. Read the prompts and let your pen flow:

The #HauntedHotel Writing Prompts
1. The Freakish Roadside Hotel 
You are a midnight traveller on treacherous Nigerian roads. You could be travelling alone or with a group of people. Unexpected events force you to have to spend the night at a nondescript roadside hotel. And this is where the horror begins.

2. Room 101c 
Someone once told you about that room, and you laughed at them. According to the myth, the room appears and disappears in random hotels all over Nigeria. Sometimes it is in a Lagos hotel, other times in a Sokoto Hotel, some other times in one of the many Warri hotels...

One day, it happens. You have cause to travel and get booked into room 101c. As soon as you open the door, you realize this is no ordinary room...

Your adventure begins!

Pick ONE challenge and write as you like. You are also free to write one story per prompt!

Send all your entries to

You can click HERE to see entries already submitted so far. and judging will begin after the competition ends.

Your story can be as short as you like. Try to keep it under a 2,500 word count if you want to write something longer.

The competition ends on July 31, 2016. Feel free to submit as many entries as you like - as your creativity directs.

1st Prize: N10,000. 
2nd Prize: N7,000. 
3rd Prize: N3,000.

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