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#BBMfotoquest challenge

BBM is on a Quest to discover the most beautiful photos in Nigeria. 

Each week for seven weeks, contestants can submit their images of everyday Nigeria, according to the weekly clues revealed on the #BBMfotoquest BBM channel (Pin: C004A4E77).

This competition opens the opportunity for talented individuals to freely express themselves on the platform. BBM encourages contestants to think outside the box and let their imagination run wild using the clues provided.

All submissions will be judged by fellow BBM users, so submit creative photos that bring the week’s theme to life in an unusual eye-catching way. There will be N1,500,000 worth of cash prizes to be won and mobile airtime for many lucky voters, so everyone wins something!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Follow these four easy steps and awaken your creative side!


Visit and download the BBM app (If you’re not currently a BBM user)
Join the #BBMfotoquest channel (Pin: C004A4E77)
Retrieve the clue
Upload your images to and don’t forget to include a short description of your photograph and where it was taken.


  1. In order to participate in BBM FotoQuest, you must be a BBM user and have a current BBM pin. If you are not a current BBM user, please download BBM now. BBM is Free To Download, and Free To Use! Once you have BBM you have to join the BBM FotoQuest channel (Pin: C004A4E77).
  2. Six photography clues (themes) will be revealed on our #BBMFotoQuest channel (Pin: C004A4E77) on the BBM app every week in the months of August and September 2016. BBM users are invited to take a photograph under the weekly theme.
  3. You must can submit photos taken on professional cameras or smartphones. Professional photographers, amateurs, hobbyists, part-time professionals, or first timers and wannabes are all welcome. Unleash your hidden talent.
  4. Our judges are on the lookout for photos that bring the week’s theme to life in an unusual, eye-catching way. We are looking for photos that we have never seen before. Make your images unique, creative and memorable. Let your image tell a powerful story. It should bring where you live and the things around you to life. Only theme-related images will be approved by our judges.
  5. When uploading your image, don’t forget to write a short description to tell us where your photograph was taken, the area, village, town or city - and why it is important to you.
  6. Your submissions must be original. Winning entries will be verified - plagiarised images will be disqualified.
  7. Ownership of images must rest solely with the entrant. No reposts or Google images to be submitted.
  8. Images must be taken in Nigeria, by Nigerian residents.
  9. No vulgarity, sexuality or violence. This includes racism and morally questionable images, such as underage drinking, and smoking.
  10. Don't forget to watch out for the next clue on the #BBMFotoQuest channel before the cut-off time weekly.
  11. Once you have uploaded your entry, our judges will review all entries and choose the most unique photos and upload them to the channel for public voting. Only theme-related images will be approved by our judges.
  12. All voting and vote collation will take place on the BBM FotoQuest Channel on BBM. Visit our BBM channel (Pin: C004A4E77) to find out more about #BBMFotoQuest.

Contest runs from 12th September to 4th November, 2016.

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