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 #iRep #SocialLender Challenge. 

Lets see those who Rep #SocialLender. 

Its Simple. 
Step 1: Generate a Customized #iRep #SocialLender Display Picture at www.sociallender.circleng.com 
Step 2: Download the Image and Post it on this page. Social Lender Facebook Page with hashtags #iRep #SocialLender
Step 3: Get your friends to like Social Lender Page and also Like your Picture

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd posts with the highest amount of valid likes* by October 31st gets 
₦5,000, ₦3,000, and ₦2,000 respectively.

*Bonus Prize: The first #iRep #SocialLender Post with 1,000 valid* likes gets ₦10,000

* Terms and conditions apply
* Only friends who like both your picture and the #Sociallender facebook page would count as valid.

Visit www.Sociallender.circleng.com and login with your facebook account to see the leadership board and track your progress.
* Challenge runs till 11:59pm October 31st,2016

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