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Following a successful dettol #ihaveeventone challenge 1, Dettol Nigeria have launched the second series of the Contest.

To join the #IHaveEventone2 Campaign, all you need to do is;

• Buy and use the Dettol eventone soap.

• Take a picture holding the soap or a video washing your face with the soap

• Upload your video or picture on your Facebook, Instagram or twitter page, using the hashtag #Ihaveeventone2; The video or picture should show the Dettol even tone pack.

• Finally, tag the Dettol Nigeria social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @DettolNigeria and Call for your friends to like your post as the Post with the highest number of likes wins!

A Car 
Shopping Vouchers

The #IHaveEventone2 Challenge will run from May 15th, 2017 to June 2017 and 2 winners will be announced each week!

· The promotion is open to Females from 18 years and above residing in Nigeria. However Male entries are welcome.
· All employees or agents and agencies of RB Nigeria, their family members or anyone professionally connected to the organization are excluded from this competition.
· All participants must have valid social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) accounts to participate.
· To enter the competition one must purchase the Dettol Eventone Soap, upload a picture/video of yourself holding the soap and share on your social media page.
· Winners will be selected based on number of likes
· All entries must include the hashtag “#Ihaveeventone2 and tag @DettolNigeria to qualify
· Weekly winners will be selected based on engagement rate in terms of likes, and announced on the Dettol Social Media pages on Fridays within the duration of the competition. 
· 2 (two) winners will emerge each week . 1st prize wins a smartphone and 2nd prize wins shopping vouchers 
· In the event a winner cannot be reached or is unavailable for 48 hours after announcement, the prize would be awarded to the next best entry.
· Weekly winners can only win once, but are still eligible for the Star Prize. 
· For the Star Prize, 1 winner will emerge by total number of likes during the competition. This will be done one week after the competition which ends 15th July 2017 
· Winners will be contacted instantly, and subsequently announced on the Dettol social media pages on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.
· Prizes are non-transferrable.
· Winners should allow up to a month after the announcement for delivery of prize.
· RB Nigeria reserves the right to substitute prizes or products of higher value subject to availability of current prizes.
· Malicious comments or statements made post winners announcement may result in legal action by RB Nigeria. 

· Pictures of prizes in all communication materials may be different in colour from the actual. 

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