Win your Share of N2Million Naira In Konga 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

by November 26, 2017 0 comments, Nigeria’s leading online mall, is offering 12 days of Christmas giveaways in form of a treasure hunt. Each day from December 12 to December 23 customers who find special photos modeled around the classic Christmas song; ’12 days of Christmas’ will win great prizes. 

Up to 2 million Naira worth of prizes are available for grabs at

HOW TO WIn    Checkout
The photos will be buried randomly at the store. If you find it just click on it and then click on the Buy Now button to secure the deal. Here are the photos to look out for on particular days and the prize.

DEC. 12: Find a drummer drumming and win ₦2,500. Up to 12 winners.
DEC. 13: Find a piper piping and win ₦3,750. Up to 11 winners.
DEC. 14: Find a lord leaping and win ₦5,000. Up to 10 winners.
DEC. 15: Find a lady dancing and win ₦7,500. Up to 9 winners.
DEC. 16: Find a maid milking and win ₦10,000. Up to 8 winners.
DEC. 17: Find a swan swimming and win ₦15,000. Up to 7 winners.
DEC. 18: Find a geese laying and win ₦25,000. Up to 6 winners.
DEC. 19: Find a gold ring and win N37, 500. Up to 5 winners.
DEC. 20: Find a calling bird and win ₦50,000. Up to 4 winners.
DEC. 21: Find a French hen and win ₦75,000. Up to 3 winners.
DEC. 22: Find a turtle dove and win ₦100,000. Up to 2 winners.
DEC. 23: Find a partridge in a pear tree and win ₦250,000.
Just 1 grand prize winner!

In addition, 20,000 people will receive special surprises when they pick up Konga discount brochures being distributed in churches, schools, and malls nationwide with discount coupons. Other loyal customers who spend up to N5000 are already enjoying discounts of up to N1500 off with a special coupon code on

All this special promos and giveaways are Konga’s ways of celebrating and rewarding customers for a fantastic year and for choosing to make number one for all shopping needs.

You should have completed at least one purchase on Konga over the past 90 days to qualify. One prize per user account. We will be announcing winners names on our Social Media channels and the cash prizes will be credited to your Konga account to allow you shop this Christmas.

Let the competition begin! Click here to start

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Giveaway runs from December 12th to 23rd, 2017.


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