Chivita 100% Breakfast With The Stars Promo

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It's finally here! #BreakfastwithTheStars Challenge is on and our stars are ready to have breakfast with us!

1. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
2. Watch Out for our weekly Chivita 100% Breakfast Formation with any of our limited edition packs.
3. Replicate the breakfast formation plan for the week and Upload your picture to our social pages "With the Hashtags" #Chivita100BreakfastFormation & BreakfastwiththeStars.
4. To Complete the Challenge, the Breakfast Formation must be followed with our Limited Edition packs and uploaded by the end of the week.
5. Winners will be fans with the most creative entries that completed the challenge.

Cartons of Chivita 100% and Fantastic Prizes

Promo Runs from 27th  November to 11th December, 2017.


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