The 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest for Kids 2018

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The form for the 12th Toyota Art Contest holding on 10th February (Abuja & Port Harcourt) & 17th February (Lagos) for kids aged 15 & under is now available.

Download form here: or visit
We can't wait to see you draw your dream car of the future! 

  1. Download the contest form here
  2. Fill the form properly in CAPITALISED LETTER
  3. Bring the Filled form to Drawing Centre for vetting. 
  4. Passport and a cleared photocopy of Birth certificate attach to the form.
  5. Remember to tick the Terms and conditions box.
  6. Each participant must be authorised by their Parents. 
  7. Your Artwork must have title and nutshell in concept of the drawing. 
  8. You will not allow to draw until you reach the above mentioned. 

For Enquiries call
08033046077 or Email :
 Venue :
1. Abuja and pH (10th feb.)
2. Lagos (17th feb.)

Age 15 years and below 

Visit For more info‎

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