My name is Gloria. Promo blog is my personal blog. Promo blog is a blogspot for notifying the Nigerian public of companies on promotions, giveaways, competitions, contests, bonanza, sales, scholarships and auctions of products and services.
From time to time, companies decide to clear out their stores or warehouse, hence selling off products at cheaper rates. They also reward customers by giving out gifts of Cars, Electronics, Ipads, Phones, Stationary  etc.
Most companies advertise their promo on their websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
Imagine you, visiting about 5000 company websites daily to check when they are running sales and promotions. Its a full time job and quite stressful.
Promo blog collects sales and promo adverts from companies for you. It is a platform for companies to notify the public of their promotions and sales. On the other hand, it is one central website for the Nigerian public to visit daily for update on promotions, sales, discounts, auctions, scholarships and free gifts. 

Promo Blog also features Celebrity Giveaways, Contests and Promo Winners 

Moreover, if you do not understand a promo, post your queries as a comment and it will be publicly discussed. 

Promo blog serves as a networking site for Nigerian companies promotions  and the public

The blog also features promo winners announcement from companies. If you have been participating in Promos, you need to check the blog daily to see if you have won.

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My role model is Ellen Degeneres. I love Ellen because of her generosity and her kind gesture at changing peoples lives.  

Remember, you have to enter to stand a chance to win big.
Thanks for Visiting Daily.


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  1. i think there should be an avenue to subsribe to your posts so we can get updates straight to our emails. please do something about that

    1. Enter your reply…i win but they did not send my money plsss send it to me i want to use it to pay my school fees plssss

  2. Happy valentine to your Gloria dear! I seem to be falling in love with your blog with each passing day, and I admire and love your generosity, and the fact that you have a role model who is also generous, may God continue to bless you as you continue to touch lives, as you are God's hand reaching out to people you will never know sorrow, true happiness, joy, and success will continue to be your portion, all the best things in life will continue to answer to you in Jesus name. Amen!!!

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  3. Gloria! Sorry to ask, the picture you snapped with your hobby where is that place or where did you guys snapped it? I love the pics and the background

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  4. Ok I've subscribed to your posts by email. Hmmm…Glo, u both look great o, what's your husband's name please?

  5. Hi Gloria, thanks on the info on the on going Nigeria centenary promo. I got a congratulatory message that I won a TV on the 12 of April 2014 and was advised to call 07046342300 for redemption info which I did, and a lady who introduced herself as Funmi told me to come over to Lagos within 7 working days to claim my prize or forfeit it. I told her I reside in Lokoja, kogi state and my work schedule will not afford me the opportunity of coming over to Lagos at the moment then she suggested that I could pay the sum of N8000 into an account in Skye Bank (Compton Green Express) for the courier service to deliver to me. I have done as suggested but since then her phone number is no longer available. Is there anything you can assist with? Thanks.

  6. @ Clement that is Pure 419 ooo..
    You shouldnt have paid the money.
    Next time if you win anything, you would be called up by the Company. Anyway, once beaten. Im sure you would learn from that now..
    Nobody for lagos fit fall for that Wayo… Lagos people don too sharp now

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