Win a Loya Milk Dessert Bar For Your Wedding

LoyaMilk is Calling on all 2018 brides!!!

Here is a chance to win something exciting for your big day. Loya Milk is bringing the Loya Dessert Bar to 5 lucky brides’ weddings this year.

The Loya bar will serve pastries, milkshakes and other yummy Loya treats to guests at the winners wedding. 

To enter for the competition, follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Follow @Loya_Milk on Instagram
2. Post your pre-wedding photo and tag us in your photos.
3. Caption the post with your love story using the hashtag #LoyaWeddings
4. Pray and hope to get a DM from us 😀
5. 20 couples will move on to round two and 5 winners will emerge.

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